Til'Death, Van Damme Vows, He Will Make Crap

August 28, 2006


One sign I look for that always indicates a good movie is when the protagonist is shot in the head and in a coma by the halfway point. If that happens, you know you're really in for a cinematic treat.

Such is the case with Jean-Claude Van Damme's newest masterwork. First I thought the title of this shitcake was 'Til Death, which made a certain degree of sense. This trailer tells me it's Til'Death, which makes less sense. And I really don't know what Van Damme's doing with his look here. It's kind of a Fonzie/Bevery Hills 90210 thing. At least until the coma requires the removal of his sideburns.

It's without a doubt the best trailer I've seen all month.


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