Brad With Borat, Union Called "Borad"

September 28, 2006

cohen-pitt.jpgHot from his role in the new Borat movie, Sacha Baron Cohen is rumored to be teaming up with aging heartthrob Brad Pitt:

A source told Life and Style Weekly magazine: "Sacha and Brad have been talking about making a feature film for a while, but they've really bonded since Brad screened the Borat movie."

"Brad says it's a work of genius and is determined to find something he can work on with Sacha. They've already had some casual discussions and a dinner together, so a project will probably happen soon."

Hard to tell how this might turn out, but I wonder how this collaboration will be affected once Cohen, who has taken some flack for his portayal of the Kazakhstani people, realizes Pitt's idea of mocking a foreign country means "adopting the shit out of them."


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