Casino Royale Trailer (with Cheese)

September 8, 2006


The new trailer for the expected to disappoint Bond flick, Casino Royale, has been released. After seeing it, many are turning around, saying this really might be one of the best Bond films yet. Those saying that are actually chimps who are grateful to see another lower primate in such a well-dressed role. It looks more like a Bond rip-off made to showcase how ClubMed vacations make you feel like a secret agent. The only part that I like more is how, when Bond becomes a "double-0," the film goes from black & white to color, implying a license to kill is kind of like going from Kansas to Oz. I bet it is, too.

And what's up with Le Chiffre's eye bleeding during the card game? That's probably one of the worst tells in poker. If someone's eye stars spontaneously bleeing, you always want to fold. I don't care how good your hand is, if it's not making your eye bleed, the guy whose eye is bleeding probably has the better hand.


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