Dead or Alive International Trailer--Internationally HOT!

September 7, 2006


For too long, the Hollywood system has relied too heavily on imaginative plots and interesting characters to drive their films, ignoring my continued requests for unrealistic fight sequences, hokey dialogue, and nearly-naked women. Since Citizen Kane first toned itself down to meet appeal to a more highbrow crowd ("Rosebud" was originally a clitoris), there has been a tradition of delivering uppity entertainment that many Americans, like myself, just don't "get." No one is willing to deliver the sex and violence we're really after. Dead or Alive is about to turn all that around. Watching the new international trailer, my first thought was, "Hey! What am I doing thinking?" This trailer eliminates all need for thought! I was reduced to my base instincts. All I could feel was lust and violence. I was raw emotion (particularly the emotion of beach volleyball). I killed a boar!

If Hollywood is worried about downloads and pirating stealing audiences from theaters, this is the kind of movie they need to make more of. DoA offers something many movie-goers can't get in their homes: seeing breasts.

Download it here.


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