Deliver Us From Evil Trailer

September 29, 2006


We've known for years that Catholic priests are the world's largest population of homosexual pedophiles, but did you know that they're sometimes heterosexual pedophiles as well? Amy Berg hopes to prove just that with her documentary Deliver Us From Evil, featuring a genuine priest pedophile who was willing to give up some of his "MySpace huntin' time" for intimate interviews, wherein he explains how he molested girls both sexually and spiritually (cross rape). The trailer alone, now available on Apple, paints a graphic portrait of a disturbed priest and the corruption in his organization that will have audiences seriously questioning the church and its leaders.

Unless you're Catholic, in which case you'll continue to dismiss reason and blindly follow the beliefs and practices you were brought up with that still riddle you with guilt every time you pass the bra section at Kmart.

Cath-Fact: Masturbation kills angels.


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