Eragon Trailer Exciting to Dragon Fans

September 15, 2006


Just in time for nerd season, Hollywood is unveiling its newest creations to bring in their most loyal (and most acne-ridden) crowd, and things are looking hot. This season, the sci-fi world of aliens and lightsabers have stepped aside to make room for swords and mythological creatures--always safe bets for this crowd--with two big entries into the field. Peter Jackson, creator* of Lord of the Rings, already announced his plans for a dragon-themed movie, and now the trailer for the hotly-anticipated Eragon has been released. Based on the book, which is based on dragon fact, the film brings viewers back to that lost time of warriors, sorcery, and fantastical dragons, when you had to be careful not to speak too loudly of these things in the cafeteria so those guys wouldn't throw your Magic deck in the trash again (I think it was the mid '90s). Yes, that magical time, just prior to the release of Dragonheart, when we still thought it might be cool to base an entire movie on a dragon (it wasn't) can be yours again at the click of a button.

If you love dragons, make sure to check this one out. But please, don't get a dragon tattoo. You're going to regret it if you're ever trying to have sex with someone normal.

*Creator of the movie. Some old guy made it a book.


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