Home of the Brave (America) Trailer

September 25, 2006


Like a hypodermic, watching the trailer for Home of the Brave will inject you with enough patriotism to support America's efforts abroad all week, immune to the dangerous virus of "logic." Starring Samuel L. Jackson, Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson and Jessica "Biel" Jackson, Brave takes us through the humanitarian effort of four soliders nearing the end of their tours of duty and the personal traumas they face once they get home--like Star Wars in Iraq. I'd definitely see this one if I didn't get all of my war propoganda from bumper stickers and begging street veterans.

Home of the Facts: While it took nearly half a century (1776-1819) to relocate all of the world's brave to the United States, it took nearly as long to finish production of Home of the Brave; Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson had to leave shooting several times to be shot.


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