More Mummy Cursing Brendan Fraser

September 11, 2006

fraser-mummy-3.jpgA lot of people would consider making Encino Man a mistake. Playing a caveman teenager unthawed in the modern world, particularly when co-starring with Pauly Shore, could leave a stain so deep that nothing would remove it--even Oxi-Clean. Perhaps for a lesser actor that would be true, but not for Brendan Fraser. There's a reason I call him this generation's Big Dopey DeNiro (mostly because he's big and dopey). With this latest casting announcement, we see how Fraser is able to take his poor early choices and spin them into a positive by saying, "I'm going to star in a third Mummy movie, but at least it's not another Encino Man, right?"

That's right, Universal is going to make a third chapter of The Mummy saga to again star Fraser. The studio promises, however, that it won't be called The Mummy 3, because then audiences will realize too quickly that they're blatanly capitalizing on previous successes with declining sequels. That, and someone in a meeting pointed out that adding "Electric Boogaloo" only worked for "Fill-in-the-blank 2," and the opportunity had already been lost.

Sadly, Billy Zane won't be returning for the third film, as I'm told it wasn't actually him in the first two, but a bigger, oaffish version of himself named Arnold Vosloo.


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