Three's Company Movie; Kisses Are Hers, Hers, His

September 28, 2006

threes-company-too.jpgIn response to the complete public disinterest in translating old television shows to the big screen, Hollywood is reminding us that they don't care with rumors of another adaptation. This one will see the mediocre late-'70s/early '80s sitcom Three's Company fully realize the potential of sexual double entrendres and complicated misunderstandings. Better yet, some cast is supposedly already picked out, with Jim Carrey taking the role of Jack Tripper and Pamela Anderson filling Suzanne Somers' bra as Chrissy.

I'll admit the casting confuses me a bit. I fully acknowledge that Pamela Anderson is a dumb blonde, but I seem to remember Chrissy still being attractive and under 50. And after Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and The Truman Show, I thought Jim Carrey was too much of a dramatic actor to do this kind of fluff. Unless he was just with a couple of dramas to cover up the fact that he was secretly doing a lot of crappy comedies on the side! I knew he was covering up something when I came upstairs to check that leaky faucet!

John Ritter must be pratfalling in his grave right now.


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