We Are Marshall Trailer Look Bad

September 12, 2006


There are very few movies whose defining attribute is having a name that makes you seem retarded when asking for a ticket. I Am Sam may have been the best, but it wasn't the last, as We Are Marshall shows you don't have to be about the mentally crippled to sound like it.

When nearly all of Marshall University's football team is killed in a plane crash, Jack Lengyel (Matthew McConaughey) is the only coach willing to say, "Fine, it's sad some dudes died, but seriously, let's play some football," valiantly leading the team to whatever championship they inevitably reach. Disregard the loss of human life yourself by watching the trailer.

McConaugh-fact: The only difference between Matthew McConaughey's role in Dazed and Confused and We Are Marshall is that the pot references have been changed to football terms.


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