"Breaking and Entering" Trailer Breaks, Enters

October 12, 2006


After his office is repeatedly burgled by a teenage boy, a landscape architect (Jude Law) decides to burgle the kid's mom (by that I mean sex) in Anthony Minghella's Breaking and Entering. Unfortunately, Jude Law is already married--yikes! The layers of deception and emotions build on each other like one of his architectural designs, leading me to create a beautifully stated simile that notes as much. Its impressiveness ends up overshadowing the mundane trailer, and more people end up wanting to see more of the simile than the actual movie. A year later, the movie is forgotten, but the simile has two sequels, the latter of which ends up being more of an extended metaphor but is still well received.

If you still want to see the trailer, it's here.


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