Frank Darabont Sets His Spray to "Mist"

October 19, 2006

darabont-mist.jpgRecognizing that The Fog didn't fully fill the gaping hole in the vapor-horror niche market, Frank Darabont has formally announced that he will adapt the Stephen King novella The Mist into a feature film, with Thomas "The Punisher" Jane in talks to join the cast.

A mist may not seem inherently scary, but let's not forget that mists have previously hidden both gorillas and addictive computer games that, while boring, ate up much of my 1994 social life. Through King's googly eyes, who knows what lies in wait in the mist?*

*Anyone who's read the story. It's just some freaky creatures.

UPDATE: As someone kindly pointed out, I kept typing "Daramont" for some reason.


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