Hellboy Fighting Universal Monsters

October 17, 2006

hellboy-universal-monsters.jpgWill Hellboy fight classic Universal Studios monsters like Frankenstein, Mummy, Dracula and their associated brides? It's a possibility, according to a recent interview with director Guillermo del Toro, who says:

I must say that I'm having a great experience right now at Universal, because I find that their understanding of Hellboy as a possibility is so great. My hope is that if everything goes well and we continue [the franchise], Hellboy can start fighting the Universal monsters! I would love to see that. [Hellboy creator Mike] Mignola, when we closed the deal with Universal, we both looked at each other and just said, 'Frankenstein!'

This is a fantastic idea, and not just for the movie possibilities. This will also drastically improve Hellboy's chance at becoming a shitty ride, as well as getting into a confusing conversation wherein surnames are mixed-up with interrogative pronouns.


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