I'm Sorry, Ms. Jackson, I'm a Cartoon

October 10, 2006

andre-3000-cartoon.jpgHey ya! Since he first began wearing flamboyant bowties, Andre 3000 of Outkast has been loved by white people everywhere for bringing hip-hop to them in a non-threatening form. Now they have another reason to love him: advancing animation! Andre Benjamin will star, write, produce and compose music for an animated series starting on the Cartoon Network called Class of 3000:

The series focuses on a group of musically-gifted kids and an unlikely visitor named Sunny Bridges who brings sunshine to their lives. Sunny Bridges is the character to whom Andre lends his voice, and he is described as a "multi-talented Atlanta native [who] was at the peak of his musical career when he walked off the stage at a performance in Tokyo in 2006, leaving his brilliant career of 27 Grammys and a Nobel Prize behind.

This reminds me of MC Hammer's cartoon of the early '90s, and I have to tell you, Andre, I'm not sure that's the path you want to be following. This is only a step away from British Knight sneaker commercials, which of course is only a step away from being the punchline to jokes that begin with "he's as homeless as..."

OutFact: As the still from the series clearly shows, animators for Class of 3000 have primarily just reused cels from the short-lived instructional series "Bullying Mexican Laborers: Pros and Cons of the Sport."


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