Beverly Hills Cop is Back

November 30, 2006

beverly-hills-cop-iv.jpgGuess who's coming back to Beverly Hills! No, not Dylan, Brandon, and the class of West Beverly High School (I wish!), it's Axel Foley, the Beverly Hills cop. There have been talks of another sequel for years, but I'm guess the rising cost of transvestite prostitutes finally pushed Eddie Murphy to start really considering the series, which is supposedly now seeking a writer.

Look, Beverly Hills Cop, I really think it's time we call it quits. We tried this before (remember Beverly Hills Cop III?), and the magic just isn't there anymore. It's been years now. We've both changed, grown, policed other cities, yet every time I think I've ditched you, there you are, begging to come back. Can't you see I'm happy with Rush Hour now? So just drop it. It's getting kind of pathetic.


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