Finally, Experience Making Out With Venom

November 13, 2006

venom-bites.gifAn unfinished Spider-Man 3 trailer with incomplete effects has made its way online, of note because it finally reveals an actual shot of the ever-elusive villain Venom. The obnoxious animation to the right was posted by someone on the Ain't It Cool News talkback, which is where I'd suggest going for more links to the trailer as they're inevitably taken down. Watching it feels a lot like masturbating. The rough effects are like the terrible acting of the porno you're watching, sapping all reality from the event, the still present timecode like the ticking clock, reminding you exactly how much time you've been wasting, all leading up to the too-short finale you'd been building to for nearly three minutes, here a half-second shot of Venom (traditionally ejaculation), and then you're back to mind-numbing depression. Though I suppose if you perform the trailer viewing and masturbating in quick succession, hey, we're talking nearly six consecutive minutes free of weeping!*

Here's a YouTube link that will probably be down before I can click post.

*Some of us cry while masturbating.


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