Mr. Bean's Vacation Trailer is a Vacation from Frowning!

November 29, 2006

Someone bothered to smuggle a camera into a theatre, bravely defying MPAA warnings, just to sneak the trailer to Mr. Bean's Holiday online for you. Normally even the shape of Mr. Bean's head annoys me too much to look at still photographs of him, let alone a full video, but I somehow managed to stomach the entire preview. If I understand the concept, Mr. Bean is a drug addict whose brain has been so wrecked with chemicals that he's unable to speak, move properly, or otherwise respond aside from simple grunts. We're then meant to laugh at his confusion and complete inability to function. As usual, it works--big time. Rowan Atkinson's lack of fine motor skills once again prove that brain-damage-adventure is still Britain's funniest genre.

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