New Stranger than Fiction Poster

November 13, 2006


Sometimes I'm bewildered at exactly how terrible a poster can be yet still get approved somehow. It's like they're hiring designers by looking at a stack of family newsletters and deciding who had the best use of WordArt. The latest terrible design comes from Stranger than Fiction, which offers up a star-laden poster with the tagline "Harold Crick isn't ready to go. Period." Problems:

1. What do they mean "go"? From the previews I've seen, I assume it means "die," though that's really unclear here. Has death become too risque for public display? If we're going to use dumbed-down euphemisms, let's go with the John Edward standard, "crossing over." At least that has an imaginary dramatic quality to it that makes you think your loved one might communicate with some jackass from Long Island.
2. It says "Period" and the period is falling on him. Get it? I don't.
3. The afformentioned period is as large as a letter, presumably just to make it look like it will hurt more when it hits Will Ferrell on the head. Traditionally periods are much smaller than a letter, making it them an ideal candidate for comparison to a deer tick.
4. Since the size of the period makes it completely unidentifiable as a period, how about adding some sort of imprint around where it was, like maybe it was spray painted on? And throw some shitty motion blur on it too.


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