The Identity of the Next Bond Villain?

November 28, 2006

eva-green-bond.jpgIf The Mirror is the Bible of fact that I know it is, and if Scott of InsomniacMania is the thorough, critical reader I know him to be, and if Eva Green actually knows what she's talking about, she may have revealed the identity of the next Bond villain! The actress told the tabloid that spy's nemesis in the next movie will be the boyfriend of the character she played in Casino Royale.

If this is true, I consider it a victory to boyfriends everywhere. I mean, when it comes down to it, Bond is really just the ultimate embodiment of the douchebag who hits on your girlfriend at a party. Sure, he's just talking, maybe trying to get some information on a villain mastermind's secret headquarters, but does he have to keep dropping how he's a spy, and showing off how his cuff links can shoot poisoned darts? And now he wants to take her around the block in his Aston Martin? Go right ahead. I'm not jealous. Oh, you've got a British accent, too? Yeah, you're really f***ing cool. It's about time a boyfriend sticks it to James Bond.


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