Tyrese Attacked by Transformer

November 27, 2006


Did you all have a great Thanksgiving? I sure hope so. I visited family and had a blast with some of my younger relatives. As a fun holiday craft, we traced our hands on pieces of paper, colored them, and labeled them "severed hands of slaughtered natives." It was our way of thanking our forefathers for mercilessly destroying a culture, scoring us some sweet land. Then we had pumpkin pie!

Now, let us give thanks for this early shot from a seqence in Transformers. The effects aren't completed, but this is generally what it will look like when Tyrese Gibson is attacked by a giant transforming robot. The text at the bottom asks that the animators flash the Transformer's belly a little behind Tyrese. I say, forget the Transformer--flash a little of Tyrese's belly! Am I right, ladies!? Abs!


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