News 300 Posters

Empire has a collection of new posters for 300, including one of this gentleman, who offers his opinion on God-Kings. In the background, the Spartans charge to...
January 5, 2007

Golden Compass Stills

Tons of stills from the first chapter of the His Dark Materials trilogy, The Golden Compass, have been released. The images show stars Nicole Kidman and pre-humanoid...
January 5, 2007

Black Snake Moan Poster

You may think this image of Samuel L. Jackson holding a thick chain, looming over a half-naked Christina Ricci, is offensive. That's probably because you're thinking that...
January 5, 2007

Pan's Labyrinth Sketchbook

I still haven't made it out to see Pan's Labyrinth, but seeing this collection of Guillermo del Toro's sketches for the film made me realize something: this...
January 5, 2007

The OC Goes Kaput

We've watched them, we've loved them, we've edited group photos of them so it looks like we're friends/lovers with them, but now it's all coming to a close:...
January 4, 2007

New Bionic Woman

In a moment indicative of NBC's commitment to bring America quality, original programming, it was announced today that The Bionic Woman will get an update in a new...
January 3, 2007

Grindhouse Poster

From the Tarantino/Rodriguez double feature Grindhouse comes a double poster for Death Proof and Planet Terror. How 2006. Source
January 2, 2007

Hannibal Rising Preview

Amazon has an exclusive trailer for Hannibal Rising available for those, like me, who assume it must be straight-to-video and try to order it. Rising details the...
January 2, 2007