Bruce Campbell Wanted for Lobster

December 1, 2006

campbell-lobster-johnson.jpgWhile peddling the nightmare fuel called Pan's Labrynth, Guillermo del Toro has graciously taken the time to answer some important questions from Entertainment Weekly's (E-Dub, as the kids call it) readers. Bravely refusing to acknowledge my question about his Ewok heritage, del Toro instead spoke a bit about his planned Hellboy sequel. Although creator Mike Mignola won't allow beloved character Lobster Johnson to be immortalized in film, del Toro still has a keen idea of who'd play him. If he had his way, the director would cast cult icon Bruce Campbell in the role, surely marking the first time a fat, bearded nerd has dreamed of little-known actor Campbell portraying a comic book character on film.


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