The OC Goes Kaput

January 4, 2007

the-oc-cancelled.jpgWe've watched them, we've loved them, we've edited group photos of them so it looks like we're friends/lovers with them, but now it's all coming to a close: The OC has been canceled. Following drastic drops in ratings, Fox has decided to end our involvement in the lives of troubled Ryan, awkward Seth, socialite Summer, popular Taylor, recovering-alcoholic Kirsten, and Peter Gallagher's thick-eyebrowed Sandy.

Though they weren't family, it had grown to feel like it over the last four seasons. When company would come over, I'd first introduce them to my regular family, then my young, attractive OC family. Sometimes, if the person I was introducing my two families to was young and attractive, I'd just skip my normal family altogether.

This loss is particularly hard to deal with when I can still feel the pain of Marissa's untimely death in season three. It was like losing a family member that day. Worse, actually, because genetic flaws in my lineage leave my family predisposed to early death, while Marissa's demise came completely unexpectedly. Kudos to the excellent writing staff for that twist.

Where will I go now for obnoxious teenage drama? Probably to Laguna Beach or DeGrassi, my new families.


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