Another Even Better Hot Fuzz Trailer

February 9, 2007


A new Hot Fuzz trailer is out, succeeding again in making me desperately want something they know I can't have yet. Why not just wave some Christmas presents in front of my face early? Or maybe tell one of our boys in Iraq that he's comin' home to his family, when you know he has another four months. And even if he did get out early, you're fully aware that you started putting the moves on his wife about 10 months ago and already have his daughter calling you "popsy". Sure, it started out as just quiet discussions over coffee to "talk about how hard it is," but when it escalated to the point that half your clothes and your XBox 360 are in his bedroom, you really crossed a line. And now you're going to show him another trailer for Hot Fuzz? You, sir, are an asshole.


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