Batman's Two-Face Cast

February 16, 2007

aaron-eckhart.jpgIn a continued attempt to ruin the groundwork of disastrous camp bullshit laid by Joel Schumacher, Aaron Eckhart has been cast as Harvey Dent, Gotham D.A. and future Two-Face, in 2008's The Dark Knight. Today's announcement in Variety confirms months of rumors of the actor's involvement in the picture.

This is a great bit of casting for a pretty-boy-attorney-turned-hideously-scarred-villain, as Eckhart displayed a healthy dose of darkness with his square-jawed charm and smarm in movies like In the Company of Men. He's got chiseled good looks, and he can actually act. And yet his casting is still only the third smartest decision after not casting Jamie Foxx as Harvey Dent and kicking Tom Cruise's incubation unit out of the franchise.

Says Billy Dee Williams, who portrayed Dent in 1989's Batman, "He may have stolen this from me, but he can never have Lando. Never."


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