Milli Vanilli: The Movie

February 15, 2007

milli-vanilli.jpgRemember Milli Vanilli? They were a pair of dudes, possibly German, who pretended to record music in the late '80s. They were given a Grammy Award and praised for having defined abs and fashionably braided hair. Their career pretending to record music ended tragically when fate decided to expose that they were pretending to record music in the funniest and most degrading way it could imagine. Rob (Milli?) would later die of a drug overdose, likely caused by reflecting on being Milli. Well, Universal Pictures is making this sadly true tale into a movie. Go figure.

Milli Vanilli Fact: This news disrupts Earth's natural timeline of never hearing from Milli Vanilli again, throwing future events into chaos. Who will save our world now?

Answer: Vanilli.


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