28 Weeks Later Trailer

March 27, 2007

There's now a trailer online, above or in high quality, for the 28 Days Later sequel 28 Weeks Later. Like the toilet rim you just cleaned only to find covered in urine and pubic hair the next morning, the city of London finds itself reinfected with the deadly Rage virus just when they thought they were ready to begin civil life again. Without seeing the movie, I can't say how the virus begins spreading again, but I do have some clues as to the perpetrator of the urine and pubic hair situation. How about the only other dude living here, Paul? Would it kill you to aim, or at least wipe the porcelain down now and then? I don't know if you're trimming your pubes every day or what, but our toilet looks like a Muppet. And don't even get me started about things of mine I've seen you scratch yourself with. Yeah, I'm noticing, so just cut it out.

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