A Werewolf Woman of the SS

March 1, 2007


Rob Zombie has posted some half-naked pictures of his wife on his MySpace, showing a scene from his contribution to Grindhouse, Werewolf Women of the SS. It kind of got me wondering which aspect of a Werewolf Women of the SS would most prevent you from sleeping with her. The choices are...

a) That she's a werewolf.
b) That she's a Nazi.
c) That she's had sex with Rob Zombie.

To me, the choice is obviously C. The first two considerations can be ignored if you keep your rendezvous away from full moons and Kosher delis. There will still be the guilt that you're sleeping with a Nazi, but isn't there always some? As for having slept with Rob Zombie, there's no amount of cleaning that's washing away that sin.

See more at Mr. Zombie's MySpace.


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