Anna Nicole Smith Movie on "Fast Track"

March 19, 2007


Striking while the body's still warm, Jack Nasser of Nasser Entertainment told CNN that they will begin shooting an Anna Nicole Smith biopic early next month. "We're on what we call 'the fast track,' " said Nasser, using hip Hollywood jargon. Though planned for theaters, it may only hit television screens, but regardless, Nasser promised the film will "not focus on the trash," instead focusing on "the positive." I assume this means the positive stripping career, positive weight gains, positive fake marriage to rich oil tycoon, positive reality show about her obnoxious stupidity, positive death of young son, positive confusion about the identity of her daughter's father, and positive death in a hotel room.

If this doesn't make people disgusted enough with his exploitation of the situation, Nasser will just start dry humping the corpse.


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