Borat DVD Looks Like Bootleg

March 1, 2007


According to Slash Film, the DVD cover art for Borat, coming out this Tuesday, is designed to give the impression of a pirated bootleg, an added reminder of the poverty level and criminality of the people mocked within.

Apparently there is not a word of english on the packaging. The DVD cover also appears to look color-copied (complete with off color tones, slightly blurred company logos, blurry text and moire pattern/lithographic scans.

What's odd is that I haven't seen this information anywhere else, and any other shots I've seen of the cover (Amazon, for instance) have shown English writing. I tried confirming the story with a kind shirtless man on Canal St. who was selling a version of Borat quite similar to this. He assured me this was the accurate "bootleg" look of the cover for not just Borat, but many other films as well. Spider-Man 4, for instance, lists the cast and plot summary of True Lies on the back, I guess as a joke. I confessed that I didn't think Spider-Man 3 had even been released yet, let alone 4, which shirtless man took as an offer to buy both.

Now twenty minutes into Spider-Man 4, I feel it plays eerily similarly to a third-generation copy of Arachnophobia.


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