Bounty Offered on DVD Sniffing Dogs

March 23, 2007

Kill these dogs on sight.

To fight the rampant DVD piracy of Malaysia, the MPAA has employed Lucky and Flo, two Labrador Retrievers, to sniff out the polycarbonate chemicals in DVDs. Though the dogs can't smell the difference between pirated and real discs (the dogs need to screen them to tell), they are able to detect where they are hidden.

The two have proved so effective that Malaysian pirates have put out an undisclosed bounty out for the pups, and while I don't necessarily support piracy, I can't help but love a good bounty hunt. Doesn't everyone? So let's get these f***ers. Be on the lookout for the two. They're black, maybe waist high, hairy. Both seem to sport highlighter yellow jackets, which, while smart looking, do little to conceal them in dark alleyways and such. Good luck and happy hunting.


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