Danny Boyle to Direct Ponte Tower

March 1, 2007


Danny Boyle, director of 28 Days Later and the upcoming Sunshine, has announced his next project to be Ponte Tower, a thriller set entirely within South Africa's massive skyscraper of the same name. The 54-story cylindrical tower once stood as a powerful phallus of white affluence under Apartheid, but eventually became a virtual hellhole with the increased presence of gang member residents and the strength of the powerful orc armies. Michael Thomas' script, loosely based on a book by Norman Ohler, tells the story of a girl from Soweto who moves to the tower at the end of Apartheid, only to come under the control of a charming drug lord.

Ponte Tower Fact: The cylindrical tower's hollow center means that it could be filled with candy, likely ending the gang disputes within.


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