Geico Cavemen Coming to TV

March 2, 2007

ABC has announced that they are developing the popular "Caveman" series of Geico Auto Insurance commercials into a half-hour comedy project, or, if you prefer, a thinly-disguised infomercial series. The ads have gathered a following for their jokes about prehistoric men fighting prejudice from the modern world, much in the way hobos fight the prejudice of me and my "hobo stick."

Strange as is it seems, this won't be the first time a commercial has made the jump to a series, as Baby Bob, based on dot-com ads, did the same thing in 2002. It also won't be the first time a caveman stars in a regular sitcom, with Ted Danson having played a caveman bartender on Cheers and a caveman doctor on Becker to mixed results.


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