Magicians Trailer

March 22, 2007

The writers and stars of the British comedy Peep Show have developed a feature film for your enjoyment, now available online in trailer format. Called Magicians, the comedy tells the story of two magicians on the outs after one accidentally decapitates the other's wife during a trick.

I like this concept because it demonstrates my long-held point that, with its potential for danger, magic is the weakest of the natural sciences. Biology, chemistry, physics--they're all helping to make our world better place. Magic is so based in near-death, escape, and playing cards that it's a wonder we consider it science at all. If David Blaine can fly, why isn't he sharing his power with the world instead of using it as the finale to an hour-long ABC special? He is both our best and worst scientist, in that sense.

UPDATE: Magic may not be a natural science.

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