Winslet and DiCaprio Reteam for Mendes

March 23, 2007


Without question, the most romantic moment in history occurred when Leonardo DiCaprio, playing some sort of poor person, has Kate Winslet, playing a richer person, hold out her arms on the front of a ship named Titanic, all to the tune of Celine Dion's beautiful vocals. If you do not shed a single tear during this moment, you are heartless. You will never find love. The most you'll ever gain from dating is an occasional bout of meaningless sex that you'll find indistinguishable from your hand except in moisture content. You have no soul.

But for those who love the epic romance of Jack and Rose, it's time to celebrate! Leo and Kate will again find themselves linked in Sam Mendes' film Revolutionary Road, based on Richard Yates cheerful tale of "post-war disillusionment." This may be our heart "going on" as foretold by Ms. Dion.


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