BloodRayne Teaser Trailer Very Boring

April 30, 2007


I had expected the trailer to BloodRayne 2: Deliverance, Uwe Boll's piece of shit sequel to his original piece of shit, to be nearly unwatchable, but I hadn't counted on it being so thoroughly boring. I began watching with the intent to really tear into the many stupid things that were sure to come, only to find myself unable to even concentrate on what I was watching.

After innumerable extremely long close-ups--mostly of the eyes, teeth, and hands of two characters in a standoff--I found myself returning to my email to make sure nothing had come in, this despite that I had only checked it probably 30 seconds before. A upbeat change in the soundtrack alerted me to switch back to the video, but I still found myself unable to conjure up any emotion for the lackluster gunfighting and swordplay. I went in with little knowledge of the prior movie or video games, but came out with an even fainter understanding. They're cowboys who are vampires, I guess?

Normally Boll can at least make these things bad enough to mock, but I really feel like this crap-cake is the first sign that he's not even trying for his own ungodly-low standards anymore.

See it here.

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