Bruce and Berry Bomb Bereft of Balky

April 17, 2007


Revolution Studios and Sony Pictures are bemoaning the drubbing that the Halle Berry/Bruce Willis flick "Perfect Strangers" took at the box office this weekend.

"Perfect Strangers," from Revolution Studios and Sony Pictures, received an overall grade of C-plus. Starring Halle Berry and Bruce Willis, the R-rated thriller had been expected to enjoy an edge over the rest of the competition, but instead ranked fourth for the weekend, with a gross of $11.2 million.
They expected an edge over the rest of the competition? Without Balky? Get real, everyone knows he was the heart of the franchise.

According to IMDB, there have been seven films and TV series with the name "Perfect Strangers", and that's not even counting all the one's named "A Perfect Stranger". Is it really that hard to find a unique name? Get creative people. I had a kid once and named him "D'Brickashaw". Now everyone's copying me.


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