Galactus is Clouds

April 18, 2007


"A million and more alien eyes look upon him who is Galactus, and for each race the vision differs." For moviegoers, it's going to be a f***ing cloud. According to AICN, Galactus, the devourer of worlds, seen most-commonly as a giant white guy in goofy pink armor, will be portrayed in the new Fantastic Four as a large storm cloud.

I, for one, won't notice the difference, because I'm one of a small group of citizens afflicted with synaesthesia, coupling many of my senses. When I look at the number 5, I see the color red. 20 is a a bowl of steaming porridge, and Galactus has always been a large storm cloud. And when I look at you? I see an asshole, just like everyone else does.


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