Gayest Story Lead of the Day Award

April 18, 2007


And the Gay News Lead of the Day Award goes to...

The Hollywood Reporter, for this little gem:

New Line is packing the cooler, throwing on some sunscreen, and leaving for a "Mancation".

The story goes on to say that the studio has bought a "pitch" (not to be confused with an actual SCRIPT) about "a guy who decides that marriage has drained his little brother's manhood, so he drags him on a testorone-filled getaway to help him get it back."

It sounds like How Steve Got His Boner Back might be a better title, though I welcome your suggestions. Seriously though, if studios are going to buy ideas for movies now, instead of things people have actually written, they might want to go with, say, a novel idea for a movie, like Being John Malkovich, rather than something that sounds like Old School for the mentally challenged.

Italics rule.

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