Living Free, Dying Hard

April 13, 2007


It seems that the two Seinfeld vets who wrote and directed Live Free or Die, the independent film that opened on a handful of screens in New England last week, are a bit surprised to be nearly sharing a title with the soon-to-be-released Bruce Willis blockbuster.

Co-Writer/Director Gregg Kavet:

Well I don't know for sure that they stole it, but we didn't offer Bruce Willis the role. You know, and why pick Live Free or Die Hard? They have so many juicier titles to pick from, not least of which is Die Hardest.
Die Hardest? Come on guys, if you want them to change the name you've gotta give 'em something better than that. Here are some of our suggestions:

Give Me Liberty or Give Me Die Hard

In God We Die Hard

Sic Semper Die Hard

I Regret That I Have But One Chance to Die Hard For My Country

Don't Tread on Me or You Will Die. Hard. 4.

Die Hard 4: Someone is Trying to Die Me, Hard, but I Wanna Live Free and Not Die. Hard.

Special thanks to muses Ben and Brendan for this one.


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