Al Capwn: Nic Cage is Gangsta, Yo

May 12, 2007

See that guy on the computer in his underwear? I'm tired of him making fun of my movies.

For anyone who was wondering when we'd finally see the petulant, neurotic side of Al Capone, you're in luck. Capone will be played by none other than Nic Cage in Brian De Palma's upcoming Untouchables prequel, Capone Rising.

Cage will play a younger version of Al Capone, the character made famous by Robert De Niro. [the film] will revolve around the early dealings between Capone and Irish cop Jimmy Malone, a role that garnered an Oscar for Sean Connery.
Connery got the Oscar win for his brave portrayal of an Irish cop with a Scottish brogue. You have to respect an actor who refuses to learn his character's vernacular (Richard Gere in First Knight, anyone?).

You know what? I'll say it: I've never been that impressed with anything Brian De Palma's done, and I'm sort of confused as to why people talk about him like he's Hitchcock. The first movie of his that comes to mind when I try to think of stuff he's done that I've liked is The Fury, and that didn't really get good until peoples' heads started exploding.

So there you have it, De Palma. Please make Nic Cage's head explode.

De Palma remix from YouTube, after the jump.


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