Bratz Trailer "4 Real"

May 11, 2007

The Bratz describe their friendship longevity in three letters: BFF.

I've been vocal about my enthusiasm about seeing the Bratz doll line brought to screens, but I really think they missed the mark on this one. Though I'm not actually familiar with Bratz canon, I had assumed what made them so appealing was that they were these big time brats, mainly because their sexy big heads, lips and eyes allowed them the luxury. In this trailer, however, the four eponymous BFFs seem to act only marginally bratty, and actually reform their bratitude to take down the school's primary brat. As if!

The film's saving grace may be that the dialog is so littered with BFFs, OMGs and the like that it will become utterly dated within two years. Like this generation's Clueless, Bratz will be the 2007 time capsule of how our stupidest high school girls chatter.

See it here, 4 real.

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