Bruce Willis Pwns Michael Bay, is My Hero

May 10, 2007

Why won't this hack die?

Apparently, Bruce Willis has been speaking out over on AICN about the new Die Hard Movie. I'll spare you the details of him defending the PG-13 rating, because the really interesting part is what he had to say when someone asked him about the possibility of Michael Bay doing a Die Hard film:

Wrote Willis: [Bay] “Would have ruined DH4. Few people will work with him now, and I know I will never work with him again.”

And he wasn't done telling it like it is. He also had this to say about producer Joel Silver (V for Vendetta, Gothika, Veronica Mars, House of Wax)

“F*** Joel Silver,” Willis responded. “That is because you do not understand my relationship with Joel S. We are cordial now when we bump into each other, but we have not worked together since Last Boy Scout.”

“If my remarks here should ever appear in print, I will stand by them, but in the heat of the moment, when I was being told that only Joel S. could make a good Die Hard, I had to speak up. I should probably remain more diplomatic, but as this is a Site that primarily deals with Film, I spoke my mind. Joel S. know how I feel about him. And Perfect Stranger was ruined by the producers. Oddly enough, that film was meant to be a hard R rating, but when all the things that were meant to be in it were cut, EXCEPT for the F***’s, they got a PG-13 rating. Weird right? I was disappointed with that film, and I agree with you opinion of it. Everyone tried hard, worked hard, but it was not to be.”

There you have it, folks. Bruce Willis spends all his time ranting on message boards too. And to be honest, after seeing this clip of him wasted at a basketball game, I thought my opinion of him couldn't get any higher.

Except for that hanging out with your ex-wife and her new husband thing. That shit's weird.


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