Go Watch Wall Street 2 You Broke P****

May 7, 2007

"Grab the bull by the balls, kid."

Get those gun fingaz ready, I-bankers! Just as that Boiler Room DVD started collecting dust comes the news that Fox has signed deals with the original producer and writer of Wall Street for a sequel.

Stephen Schiff's script, Money Never Sleeps, will follow Gordon Gekko's release from jail and entry into the exciting world of hedge funds. The project is being set-up as a potential starring vehicle for Michael Douglas. Oliver Stone is not expected to return as director.
Phew, for a minute there, I was worried the next generation of white-collar criminals would grow up without a morally bankrupt anti-hero to worship. Gordon Gekko is like Scarface for yuppies.

On a serious note, what the hell kind of WASP name is "Gekko"?


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