More Bret Easton Ellis: "The Informers"

May 11, 2007

"Can you identify the man you say you saw stealing watermelons, Mrs. Stanton?"

Say what you will about 10 page ruminations on Whitney Houston, Bret Easton Ellis writes a pretty kickass book. And with an Informers movie adaptation now in the works to go along with American Psycho, Rules of Attraction, and Less Than Zero, he may be entering Steven King territory where even his email forwards of pee-drinking monkey videos get made into movies.

Here's what the "journalists" say about it:

Based on the author's 1995 collection of interrelated vignettes, the film is the first to be adapted by Ellis himself (with help from documentarian Nicholas Jarecki, who was originally set to direct and is also a producer). As can be expected of Ellis' work, the film will follow a number of amoral characters, including a pop star, a Hollywood player and a vampire. The criss-crossing stories are set in Los Angeles in 1983, though it is possible the adaptation -- like Rules -- could be modernized.

UPDATE: According to reader Pat Bateman (it might not be his real name): Over the summer during his book tour for "Lunar Park", Ellis confirmed the screen adaptation would take place in the 80s.


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