Nancy Grace Slithers off Into Sunset, CNN

May 9, 2007

Sorry about the picture. To our knowledge, she's never been photographed with her mouth closed.

Despite the ample wood I sported this morning and the satisfying bowel movement I just had, today is sad day. It's a sad day because Nancy Grace has decided to end her show on Court TV after 10 years. I've always said Nancy was a true CILCS*.

From now on, to get your daily fix of bile-spewing piles of rancid excrement you'll have to tune to The View, The O'Reilly Factor, Dr. Phil, C-Span, or reruns of Futurama (that's right, Frye, I'm calling you out, you orange-haired c*cksucker).

Or (sigh), Grace herself, still on CNN (double sigh).

Grace said she is leaving Court TV to focus on her legal analysis program, "Nancy Grace," on CNN Headline News and on her charitable endeavors.
One only hopes one of her charitable endeavors will include jumping in a volcano.

Clips of Nancy Grace variously getting ripped on and obnoxiously bloviating, after the jump.

*C_nt I'd Like to Curb Stomp

Daily Show segment on Duke lacrosse case

Original Grace clips re:Duke

Amy Poehler on SNL

Grace defending herself over Melinda Duckett suicide

"The Best of Nancy Grace"

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