New Hairspray Posters Make Me Want to Cut Myself

May 8, 2007

Please, someone stop the beat. With a gun.

Does anyone else find these new Hairspray posters thoroughly horrifying? They're like rabid wolverines painted magenta that chase you around the room, staring at you with their dead eyes. And then the ice weasels come.

The movie's an adaptation of the Broadway musical which itself was an adaptation of the 1988 John Waters movie.

Remember how in Multiplicity Michael Keaton cloned himself, but the fourth clone was a clone of another clone and came out retarded? Yeah, you'd have to be a botched retarded clone to wanna go see this.

"She touched my pepe, Steve."

You can check out Cinematical for all the posters, my version of Photoshop makes me tuck my penis between my legs and drink Boones after a certain level of neon.

hairsprayAB.jpg HairsprayCW.jpg HairsprayNB.jpg

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