Baron Cohen Shooting Bruno

May 23, 2007

"People from L.A. are so genuine, don't you think?"

The guy who gets to bone Isla Fisher was spotted in character (as Bruno) at the Foreign Trade Association luncheon at the Omni Hotel in downtown Los Angeles yesterday.

“Clearly, 99 percent of the people had no idea who he was,” the spy wrote to defamer. “Sacha had about 10 people with him. Three people running around with releases to sign, 4 camera people, a blonde haired producer watching the whole thing and a frazzled old dude with string salt and pepper hair checking the sound at the other end of the ballroom.”

Come on guys, there's no excuse not to know all of the Ali G characters by now - don't you people get HBO? To me the most shocking part of those South Carolinian douchebags suing over the first movie was that there were college students out there willing to admit they'd never heard of Borat.

Anyway, for the sake of good entertainment, thank God there are stupid people out there to make fun of. And babies to kick. Now that's a party!


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