Shrek 4: The Origin Story

May 22, 2007


Though I'm barely recovered from the pure joy that was this weekend's box office winner, Shrek the Third (I'm already calling it "Shrek the Best!"), Jeffrey Katzenberg has announced DreamWorks is starting on an origin story for the lovable ogre, since he'd always envisioned Shrek's story as a four-parter. Thank God it's not just because this one made $122 million in one weekend! I worried they'd try to milk something like that for more sequels just to make more money, so it's refreshing to hear that's definitely not what they're doing. He clearly always thought there would be four of them: three in succession, then one that seems like an afterthought, but definitely isn't. Another victory for integrity, quality family entertainment, and Shrek-loving audiences!*

*Everyone loves Shrek.


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