Tim Roth to Play Hulk Villain

May 9, 2007


The Incredible Hulk will be matched against the oversized adversary Abomination, and Tim Roth will play the villain's alter ego, Emil Blonsky.
Despite the fact that the first Hulk sucked with Ang Lee and this one's going to be directed by the guy who did The Transporter, this story gives me reason to be optimistic.

1. Like Edward Norton, Tim Roth usually seems to me a pretty competent actor.
2. "Blonsky is a KGB agent who deliberately exposes himself to the gamma rays that caused Bruce Banner to morph into the Hulk. Blonsky has upped the dosage, making him larger and stronger than the Hulk, but unable to change back to human form." Meaning, if Tim Roth is going to act in the movie (and not just do a voice), and he's going to be a bigger and stronger version of the hulk the whole time, we now have reason to believe (or at least hope) that the Hulk's nemesis isn't going to just be some big piece of CGI, and by extension perhaps neither will the Hulk.

Is that too much of a stretch? Probably.

And by the way, I spend half my day deliberately exposing myself and all I ever seem to get are restraining orders. Where the heck do I find these gamma rays?


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